Do you ever feel lost – like your life is completely insignificant?

I think all of us feel that way sometimes, but if you really stop to think about it, it’s like looking up at the clear night sky, and seeing stars beyond number.  It is easy to think that out of all the planets in all the solar systems, in all the galaxies this hunk of rock on which we live is insignificant, it’s nothing.

Yet that isn’t what the God of the universe says.  The Bible tells us that throughout each aspect of his creation God would look down at all he created he say, “It is Good!”

Did you know God says that very same thing about you?

There are times we may struggle with life, struggle with making good decisions and living in healthy relationships; But even now God looks at you, at who He created and says “You are Good!”

Today, try to find the “good” in yourself.  Celebrate it, strive for it and share it.  In this way, you can begin to see things as God sees them.  You can truly begin to live the love.

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